Adgenda Media can provide your business with a complete SEO service, maximising visibility throughout all major search engines and ensuring you adhere to current best practice. We base our work on 3 key principles; optimising performance, generating discussion and building links. By maintaining technical excellence in all our work we aim to provide a comprehensive solution to your search engine optimisation needs.

We start by ensuring your site is search engine friendly, analysing the site architecture for any deficiencies in performance and checking your site is fully indexable by search engines. We then target high equity keywords, looking at how they combine with each other and structuring your site’s URLs, page titles, H1 headings, meta descriptions and copy to enhance the volume and suitability of the users reaching your site.

We profile links which currently run to and from your site, assessing your competitors and ensuring there are no toxic links inhibiting your performance. The competitor analysis also allows us to exploit any high authority link building opportunities.

We then produce high quality, thought-provoking content that grabs the attention of your demographics and engages industry leaders. By doing this we promote greater link building opportunities from high value sources within your industry whilst strengthening your SEO performance.

Stimulating and interesting content confirms your status as a key voice in your field, whilst generating interest in your brand through a range of online mediums. By doing this we increase the reach of your company as well as the number of users referring back to your site, helping to drive traffic and your business forward.

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