With the new development located within the Square Mile, the brief was to reach people working in high profile businesses and offices in the immediate vicinity of the development.


Adopting a highly targeted multi-platform approach and by combining different available datasets, Adgenda were able to reach the target audience across multiple touch points. 

Print – 4-page full cover wraps of the Financial Times were secured, targeted only to the c-suite corporate subscriptions within the immediate postcodes.  The wrap allowed for high impact creative and branding, as well as large-scale information and content to be conveyed.  More importantly, it only reached the precise target audience within the proximity of the development.

Online – Again using the FT, it was possible to IP-target registered users of specific companies with known offices with the Square Mile.

Premium Office Lift and Lobby digital screens – Placing high-resolution adverts across screens in selected office buildings, therefore reaching large corporates and SMEs.  The screens were in various locations, lobbies, breakout areas and lifts.


When all of these elements were combined, a comprehensive campaign was achieved – reaching the intended targets throughout the entire duration.

One penthouse sale was directly attributed to the print campaign, and a large uplift in registrations was noted at key times of the day (8-9am, for example) indicating workers were noticing the activity on their way into the office.

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