Media Planning has become much more intelligent and scientific in recent times. Customer insights and a deeper understanding of their media consumption habits help us ensure campaigns are engaging and effective. We have market leading planning tools which help us determine our clients target audience and what media they consume the most.

We like to be different, try new things and innovate - not just for the sake of it but to create real standout and maximise impact. We do all this whilst being mindful of budgets and ensuring campaigns reach the target audience with the minimum amount of wastage.

The process starts with a focus on goal setting – outlining what success looks like to the client. After defining the clients business goals the team then maps out the path to achieving them. This usually starts with development of objectives and ROI targets. The team then take a deep dive into the media consumption habits of target audiences using market leading research tools. Competitor analysis is also undertaken at this stage to ensure that campaigns have solid and insightful foundations. Using these insights the media strategy is developed. All options are considered without bias and the most cost effective and impactful platforms to achieving the clients goals recommended. Collaboration with media owners, PR and creative agencies ensures campaigns are fresh, innovative and consistent with other marketing activity.